Welcome to Art Therapy!

owner-openhearthWelcome to Art Therapy at Open Hearth Studio!

I’m so glad you’re here!

If you’re like a lot of people I talk to, you might be wondering what Art Therapy is all about. Many people, if they’ve heard of it at all, assume that it’s something for kids. But Art is good for everyone, no matter what your age. And I love the reason why-

Because the CREATIVE PROCESS mirrors SO MUCH of the way we live our lives!

When we make art, and even when we simply experiment with art materials, we’re also giving ourselves a glimpse into what makes us tick. The cool thing is that it’s kind of like walking on a sandy beach – we leave visible marks of where we’ve been and what we were doing.

Take this blog for instance! 

I type for a while, stop, think about it, erase it, start again, find something else to do, think again, type again… etc. While this is going on I’m making decisions, having feelings about what I’m writing, making judgments about it, imagining what my readers will think, and every step of the way I’m leaving marks on the “page” (and if I hit “ctrl/z” often enough, I can retrace most of the history of what I’ve done!) Simple? Obvious? Sure, but what if I were doing this in a mindful way, guided non-judgmentally by someone who knows the way, and who cares about me and my process? What if I could learn to compassionately witness my own process of creation (and therefore my own way of thinking, feeling, judging, acting, and relating) and begin to use that insight to craft the life I want to live?

Whether or not I create art that I “like” doesn’t even matter in that scenario. The art itself gives us an additional perspective on our process; one that we can look at from across the room, and from across the span of weeks or months, unlike our thoughts and feelings that are invisible and gone, often before we even notice them or can understand their effects in our lives.

Working with an Art Therapist can be a deep, challenging, exciting, and even enjoyable process of learning and self-care!

My hope for this new website, and this blog, is to share some of my explorations, learnings, and questions with you about Art, the Art Making Process, Metaphor and Symbol,  the Importance of Play, and Self-Care and how they can all contribute to a balanced life, well lived!

Welcome to Open Hearth Studio – may you find something to interest you, amuse you, inspire you, and of course, to kindle the spark within YOU!

DISCLAIMER: This information is not a substitute for professional psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content provided by Frances Bryant-Scott, RSW, BCATR is intended for general information purposes only. Never disregard professional medical or psychological advice or delay seeking treatment because of something you read in this blog (or any blog for that matter!)